Every motorist sooner or later is faced with the need to air out the cabin in the wind or rain and the question how to scrap your car in ontario.

Deflectors and their tasks

Deflector is translated from English as the cutoff. This is the principle of its work – to cut off jets of air, bringing dust and moisture particles into the car. This device provides a certain aerodynamics of the body, so that the outside microparticles can not penetrate into the car.

By appearance, the windshield resembles a visor. It is placed on top of the side opening and prevents blowing dirt, both from the side and from the front area. The resource mnogofarkopov.ru contains a lot of useful information on this topic.

The main advantages of the deflector:
1. Protects the interior from precipitation, including when the window is open.
2. Barrier for insects, most of which hit the wind deflector and do not get into the cabin.
3. excellent air circulation in the cabin, which is especially important if you smoke while driving.
4. Affordable alternative to air conditioning – windshields prevent fogging of windows.

The right choice

When choosing a deflector it is important to pay attention to the following characteristics:

– Conformity to the geometry of the car;
– type of fasteners;
– quality of material.
Do not neglect the quality of installation – in a proven service there is more chance that the deflector will be installed as required by the norms.

Specialists note that the bend angle of the wind deflector must coincide with the body bend angle, otherwise the detail will not last long. If the geometry is not observed, the plastic will be in constant tension and any mechanical action will deform the accessory. This is a significant reason not to buy a windshield from the category of “universal”.

Some motorists think that the wind deflectors spoil the appearance of the car. However, today the market has such a rich selection of options for deflectors that you can easily find a stylish option that will become an integral part of the design of the car.

In addition to windshield deflectors there are also analogs for headlights, trunk, hood.

The main “pro” in favor of wind deflector is a positive impact on the performance and aerodynamic characteristics of the car. Quality deflector immediately shows the presence of ventilation, reducing the dirt in the cabin, the absence of insects. In addition, the deflector good quality should not cause noise or whistling while driving a car. That is why wind deflectors of reliable brands are tested in a wind tunnel.

The deflector is not a random accessory in the car

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