Rust on the car body – a common problem of vehicle owners. Corrosion can appear for several reasons, many of which are unknown to drivers. How to remove rust from a car body is a topic that drivers know even less about. Every car owner should know why rust appears on the body of the car and how to remove it to extend the life of the car. And every car owner should also know what to do with a car that is almost completely covered with rust. In this case, it is best to recycle it:

Causes of corrosion on the car body

The car body consists mainly of metal. It rusts in the car due to oxidation when exposed to the environment. There may be several reasons for this:
Violation of the integrity of the paint on the car body. Scratches, chips, and other damage to the body will eventually lead to corrosion;
Spot welding. These places are also prone to corrosion;
Bodywork repairs with improperly performed anti-corrosion treatment;
Age of use. In older cars, rust on the body can form in the sills and other hidden cavities, and sometimes it begins at the edge of the panel, where a thin layer of paint.

Removing Rust from Car Bodies

There are two types of rust removal from a car.
Mechanical. Corrosion is removed by hand to a clean surface. This is followed by priming, puttying, and painting the necessary area. Disadvantage: it takes a lot of time to remove the rust, inevitably reducing the thickness of the metal;
Chemical. In this case, use a rust converter and neutralizer to remove rust from the car. Their main advantage: the speed of exposure. There is also a disadvantage: it is pointless to use with severe corrosion.
It is almost impossible to completely keep the car from corrosion. Sooner or later the problem will arise and the only thing left is to properly remove the rust on the car body. There are not many methods, but each of them is effective:
Sandblaster will help to solve the problem with corrosion on the body of the car. Dry sand will be able to completely remove corrosion from the body of the car for a long period of time;
Grinding is the easiest way to remove rust from the car body. It is enough to grind the yellow stains down to the base, where there is no corrosion. You can do this with a machine or by hand with a sandpaper. Then it is necessary to treat the areas where there was corrosion with the converter in order to remove the corrosion residues invisible to the eye. After 30 minutes, you can degrease and apply filler. After it has dried, you can paint the body in 2 or 3 steps to make it flawless. If you wish, you can additionally apply a varnish that will serve as a protective layer. This method of corrosion removal reduces the thickness of the metal;
A rust inhibitor and neutralizer. Chemical Treatment. It differs from grinding only in the way of removing rust from the car body. In the first case, it is carried out mechanically, in the second, a chemical substance is applied to the body and wait for a reaction. The rust converter can begin to work only after 15-20 minutes. You can apply the rust converter up to 7 times to completely remove the corrosion. Then all the steps are the same: treatment with the converter, degreasing, puttying, painting the body with paint and varnish;
The extreme and most decisive way is to replace the part of the car body with yellow stains. If there is corrosion on the bumper of the car, you can replace it, or cut out the area with corrosion and do welding. Next, it will be necessary to grind the weld weld and perform anti-corrosion treatment.


Protecting your car from corrosion

Protecting your car from corrosion can be done with an anti-corrosion treatment or the application of a polishing agent. Regular car washing and visual inspection of the automobile body will also help keep the body from rusting.
Having detected rusty areas, it is necessary to immediately begin preventive measures. Only continuous removal of rust from the car body, using a rust converter or rust neutralizer will help prevent the spread of corrosion to even larger areas.
It is recommended that car owners have a rust preventive treatment of the car body once every 5 years.

Rust on car bodywork: removing

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