Today it is difficult to find a car that does not have an alarm installed. Such security systems can significantly increase the safety of the car, preventing both theft of the car and theft of various spare parts from the car. However, in certain situations, it may be necessary to turn off the alarm, for example, if the car is left for a long time in a garage, closed building area or in a guarded parking lot. In such a case, the car owner needs to know how the alarm is turned off, which makes it possible to exclude a situation when, after a long parking, it will be impossible to start the car due to a battery stuck from a working alarm. Also, all car owners should keep in mind the company

Disabling the alarm
It is not uncommon for drivers to have only one alarm key fob, and if it breaks down or a trite dead battery, it is required to deactivate the system in order to be able to get into the car and start the engine.

If the machine for any reason finds itself in the area of ​​radio frequency interference, in such a case, the alarm may not work correctly. It is not uncommon when it constantly turns on or for some reason blocks the car, having received incorrect signals.

Most often, the alarm needs to be turned off in cases where the car remains motionless in the parking lot for several weeks or more. If you leave the alarm on, then this will lead to the fact that the security complex will simply drink the entire available battery charge, after which it will be impossible to start the car. It would be easy to avoid such problems simply by turning off the alarm for a while.

The car alarm can be turned off by de-energizing, using a key fob or using a secret button. The secret button, or as it is also called the Valet button, is usually located in a hard-to-reach secluded place that should be known to the driver. Most often it is located under the steering column, in the glove compartment, in the area of ​​the pedal assembly, and so on.

To turn off the alarm using the Valet button, it will be necessary not only to press the button several times, but also to turn the ignition on and off. The latter is necessary to exclude the likelihood of an intruder searching for such a secret button, who, without a key, would be able to deactivate the security complex.

To turn off the alarm, you can also throw off the battery terminals, in such a case, the security complex will stop beeping, then you can search for the Jack button, and then, using the appropriate combination of actions, completely deactivate the alarm. The car owner should check in advance with the masters who installed the alarm, what is the algorithm of actions for an emergency emergency shutdown of the alarm.

How to deactivate the alarm
It is not uncommon for the car owner to not know where the Valet button is located, the security complex control key fob does not work, and the presence of autonomous power supply and multi-stage protection does not allow disabling the alarm by simply resetting the terminals with the battery. In this case, you can try to find the fuse box or relay that is responsible for supplying power to the alarm ECU.

However, today such control units are often installed in hard-to-reach hidden places, so they are not so easy to find. In order not to find yourself in such an unpleasant situation when the siren is howling, and the driver does not know what to do, you should nevertheless, when installing the alarm in the service, clarify which algorithm for disabling the security complex and where the Valet button is located.

Emergency shutdown of the alarm in the car: how to turn off the car alarm

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