Car air conditioners refer to fresco refrigeration equipment. The units are connected to each other by freon pipes. All connections are threaded and sealed with rubber gaskets. Due to this, under the influence of external factors, such as vibration or temperature fluctuations, the inevitable deformation and c

hange of physical and chemical properties in the rubber seal occurs. Under these conditions, freon begins to gradually evaporate from the system. In order to increase the service life of the gaskets and other elements, oil is added to the refrigerant, due to which the whole system is constantly being lubricated. Therefore, specialists recommend turning on air conditioner in winter once or twice a month for 15-20 minutes. They also recommend this company:

Servicing of auto conditioner
To ensure the long and efficient operation of the car air conditioner, it is necessary to diagnose it once a year for leaks, preferably and regularly. It is obvious that the operating conditions in an automobile are much harsher than in domestic appliances. Freon leakage per year reaches 50-100 grams. This is why periodic serviceability control measures are related to it. The motorist certainly under force to make repairs by own forces, but qualitative and competent prophylaxis is better to entrust to the experts having all necessary equipment for these purposes.

Qualified service of the car air conditioner includes the following activities:

Diagnosis of the entire system for leaks;
drainage and purging of the system;
filling the air conditioner with freon and oil.
Repair of air conditioner compressors
The main element in the air conditioner is a compressor. This unit is subjected to mechanical wear during operation to a greater extent. The other parts, except for the fan, are in motionless condition. Compressor malfunction can be determined by hearing. When the motor is running, turning off the air conditioner, the noise does not disappear. The cause is the faulty bearing of the drive pulley. Another characteristic malfunction is when the noise appears when the compressor is switched on, it is an almost irreparable defect. The appearance of rumble indicates the presence of backlash on the moving parts.

Repair of compressors in air conditioners is basically replacement of seals, adjustment of the gap between the pressure plate and the pulley, pressure washing of the entire system from the inside with the dismantling of parts. Installation of a new receiver-drier is mandatory. If necessary TRV is replaced.

Disinfection of the automobile conditioner
The microclimate in the saloon of a car is an important factor for creation of comfort. While operating the air conditioner, the incoming air passes through the evaporator and condenses, creating a favorable environment for the appearance of harmful bacteria and fungi. Which often leads to the formation of unpleasant odors in the cabin. In time performed disinfection of automobile air conditioner will significantly improve your stay in the car.

Specialists recommend using hypoallergenic, water-based preparations containing biologically active substances. To achieve the maximum effect, it is necessary to disinfect the system with a special disinfectant solution designed to destroy all harmful factors. Once the surfaces of the air ducts and the evaporator are cleaned, the effect of killing bacteria and preventing their emergence for up to 1 year is achieved. Replacement of the filter additionally improves the quality of cooling of the vehicle interior.

In any case, if you have any problems with the air conditioner in the car, the best way to solve them is to contact a specialized service center.


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